TWIG is a band started by guitarist Danil Zverkhanovsky together with the drummer Quentin Cholet and bassist Louis Navarro. Zverkhanovsky and Cholet have met in Berlin as students of the Jazz Institute Berlin in 2013 and have been playing together since then. Navarro moved to Berlin from Amsterdam in early 2017 and soon the three musicians found themselves jamming and rehearsing together.


The band focuses on playing original music with emphasis on rhythmic and sonic texture as well as organic harmonic flow. Their concept of the guitar trio is to achieve a balance of interaction and support rather than soloistic exposure.


The band name stands for "The Whole Is Greater [than the sum of its parts]" which is also a title of the composition by Zverkhanovsky. Each of the three members is conscious of the natural tone of his instrument. The result is a blend of personal sounds that is a self-conscious whole.