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"[Zverkhanovsky] has a very unique way of thinking about music and guitar. I appreciate his approach. I am sure, if he follows his natural way, great things nobody heard before would come to this world."

- Kurt Rosenwinkel, guitarist, founder of Heartcore Records, for Meloport online magazine

- Kyiv

- Schools

- Producing

- 2022

- Dnipro & Kruchi

As a kid growing up in Kyiv, Danil had a choice between pursuing painting or playing guitar. After a few years of trial he’d left the former behind and made the latter into a profession. The time spent studying at the Glier college of music under Volodymyr Shabaltas was crucial for his musical identity and created long lasting ties with many prominent Ukrainian musicians.



In 2012 Zverkhanovsky goes out to Graz for his first foreign land experience and spends a term studying at University of Arts. Among the most significant musical experiences he’s found there were classes with trumpeter Stjepko Gut.


A year later he moves to Berlin and studies with Kurt Rosenwinkel at the Jazz Institute Berlin while making lots of new contacts on the city’s vibrant international music scene. During time of Revolution of Dignity and the following beginning of Russian aggression he records his debut album “In Pieces Suite”. He finally gets a bachelor’s degree in 2017.


After getting out of school Danil picks up producing and mixing, begins venturing into songwriting and starts the band Bird Dreams together with his now wife Laura Bondì. In between teaching guitar, writing and learning the production ropes he has a brief collaborative period with the rock band Blondevillain as a guitarist and recording engineer.

During the Covid pandemic Zverkhanovsky puts together two separate recording sessions of his original music to be released in the following years.


Since Russian Federation’s full scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, just like most other Ukrainian artists abroad, Danil had been busy participating in and co-organising various benefit concerts in venues like Donau115, ZigZag and A-Trane as well as a long string of other locations. For him this also leads to new connections with numerous Ukrainian cultural and civil activists.



In late 2022 Zverkhanovsky starts Dnipro & Kruchi - a brand for his producer work and a DIY label to release his projects through. Right now it’s home for his current and future solo releases including the new album called “Work In Progress” as well as Bird Dreams releases and it’s beginning to work on featuring more upcoming Ukrainian indie and jazz artists.

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